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Delivery & Returns

This section contains information and important notes on the various delivery options available to the customer. We strongly recommend reading this section before finalising a purchase. Five delivery options are currently available as described below:

For customers opting to have Eurospares arrange delivery, the most cost effective and efficient of the below three services will be selected unless otherwise requested.

Royal Mail 'Signed For Delivery'

Smaller, lower value items may be sent via 'Signed For delivery' with the Royal Mail. All items sent using this method require a signature on receipt and are insured to a value of £30.00 as standard.

International signed for is the UK post office airmail service for overseas packages up to 2kg that require a signature as proof of delivery.

The estimated delivery times are as follows:

Western Europe 3 days following date of posting Eastern Europe 4 days following date of posting Outside Europe 5 days following date of posting

The cost of ISFP depends on the weight value and destination of the goods. Please (See Tables) for a price breakdown . For a Value Between £30.00 & £500.00 an extra charge of £1.50 will be added to the prices stated.

FedEx Express

This is a worldwide delivery service offered by FedEx. Costs are determined based on the size, weight and destination of the package. Price lists for varying weights can be found in our 'Costs and Shipping' section.

Consignments sent by FedEx Express can be tracked by the customer using an online service and unique consignment identification number.

In the event that a large but lightweight package is being sent, FedEx will calculate the 'Volumetric weight' of the package by dividing its volume (in cubic centimetres) by 6000 (within the UK) or 5000 (international shipments). The customer is charged for the greater one of these two weights.

As an example, a package of actual weight 7Kg may have dimensions 50cm x 40cm x 30cm. The corresponding volumetric weight is: Volumetric Weight Conversion

As a result, the customer is charged for a package weighing 10Kg/12kg (dependant on destination) whichever is the larger of the two weights.

Note that the volume of a package in cubic centimetres is found by multiplying together its length, width and height in centimetres at its longest, widest and tallest points respectively.

FedEx deem some packages are requiring ‘special handling’ where a surcharge is applied. This surcharge will be passed onto the customer. Details are below:

Packages with either a combined length and girth (L+(wx2)+(hx2)) of over 330cm or a weight of over 70KG (actual or volumetric) will be sent on a priority freight service.

All orders are insured for the full invoice amount less shipping fee.

For easily damageable items such as wheels and windscreens an extra packing charge will be applied. Glass can only be sent in specially made wood crates for which an extra charge will be applied. For more information on these charges please contact our offices.

Free Shipping Conditions

There is no limit to the number of orders you can make or the size of individual orders with the qualifying terms. The only parts excluded from this offer are packages where a Volumetric weight tariff (VWT) will be applied, regardless of the actual weight of consignment. For information relating to volumetric weight calculations click here

In the case that your European or Rest of World shipment exceeds the 15kg limit, we will credit your actual shipping cost by 15kgs value.

Return of parts that have been correctly supplied are not be eligible for this offer.

Please note that shipping costs will still be initially shown on your online order but will be removed at the point of invoicing for all qualifying orders to ensure you receive the full benefit of this offer.

We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

We appreciate your business and look forward to your continued support of Eurospares.

This offer expires the 31st March 2018

Personal Collection

Customers wishing to collect their goods in person are able to do so from the following address.

Unit 13-15, Fifth Avenue
Bluebridge Industrial Estate

It is important that a collection date is agreed so that goods can be prepared and packed as necessary before customer arrival. Eurospares can take no responsibility for loss or damage to goods once they have left the premises.

IMPORTANT: This option is only available to customers who are able to pay for goods on collection. We are unable to allow collection of goods paid for using the online payment facility. For the security of us and our customers, proof of identity may be required on arrival.

Personal Courier

(Or customers holding an account with a courier other than FedEx).

We are happy to arrange carriage using this courier provided that a valid account number is provided at the time of payment. It is the policy of Eurospares not to release purchased goods to couriers unless the delivery has been arranged by us. Again, this is to protect both us and our customers. Standard insurance is dependent on the particular courier and additional cover will not be taken out unless otherwise requested.

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