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Porsche Cayman 981: A Mid-Engine Masterpiece

Named after the South American crocodilian reptile, the caiman, the Porsche Cayman 981 was the name given to the third-generation Porsche Boxster and second-generation Cayman built by Porsche.

The Cayman 981 featured a 6-cylinder engine, generally preferred in comparison to the 4-cylinder option that followed. It has a mid-engine - just like the original 356, a rear-wheel-drive layout and a sleek design inspired by the 918 Spyder.

The 2014 GTS was a fan favourite due to its impressive power and suspension and the GT4 is perfect for the track with a 0-60 mph time of 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 183 mph.

The Cayman 981 is praised for its great handling capabilities, and all had the option available of the PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management) upgrade, allowing for a choice in driver settings dependent on the situation; whether you’re off for a fun blast or simply taking the kids to school, the Cayman is ready to provide an exciting experience.

With an impressive soundtrack, this Porsche is so full of character, that you’ll never get bored driving it either on the road or on the track. It's grippy with a low centre of gravity, also making easy work of corners and twisty country roads.

The interior is classy, as expected from any Porsche, even a little minimalist in the base model. With plenty of headroom in the cabin and two boot storage areas, this model offers a comforting amount of space.

The Cayman 981 coupe is praised for its durability, power and precision and has always been a desirable supercar since its release in 2013. It’s a comfortable 2-door, 2-seater sports coupe that originally came with 18 inch alloy wheels as standard and a luxurious leather steering wheel.

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Owning a Porsche Cayman 981 isn't just about driving a sportscar; it's about experiencing exhilaration and enjoying the pleasure that comes with every drive. As fellow enthusiasts, we at Eurospares understand the deep connection you share with your Cayman, and we're dedicated to helping you maintain its peak performance and timeless elegance.

Whether you're performing routine maintenance, undertaking a restoration project, or enhancing performance, sometimes the search for high-quality affordable parts is a journey of its own. This is where Eurospares stands out as a beacon for Porsche owners, offering an unmatched inventory of genuine and OEM parts for the Cayman 981 at highly competitive prices making us the go-to source for DIY mechanics, body repair shops, restoration workshops and garages alike.

Whether you require routine maintenance parts like brake pads, air filters and timing belts, or you need performance upgrades such as bucket seats, (driver, passenger), or a new exhaust system, we can supply it all.

You will also find essential repair parts including body panels, gearbox components, clutch kits, gauges and interior trims. We pride ourselves on providing you with the complete range of genuine original Porsche parts.

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We offer next-day delivery to the UK, USA, France, Germany, and Italy, and can deliver in as little as 2 days to Japan, Australia, and all other countries worldwide. Plus, to give our customers peace of mind, all shipments are packaged with care and attention using high-quality professional packaging materials.

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Our commitment to quality and our comprehensive knowledge of Porsche parts, combined with competitive pricing and global delivery options, makes us your trusted partner.

We're not just suppliers; we're fellow owners and enthusiasts who are here to support you throughout the buying process and beyond. We are passionate about providing you with the right part at the right price. If you need any assistance please go to our contact page and reach out to our team of Porsche part experts.

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