The Porsche Cayenne E3

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a part diagram from the porsche cayenne e3 (2018) parts catalogue
Cayenne E3


a part diagram from the porsche cayenne e3 (2019) parts catalogue
Cayenne E3


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Cayenne E3


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Production of the Porsche Cayenne third generation (E3) SUV began in 2017 and there was an additional release of the coupé SUV body style version in 2019. Following the success and welcomed response of the Porsche Cayenne second generation (E2), it seems that with each new release, the Cayenne gets better and better!

The Cayenne E3 saw a newly designed front featuring larger air intakes and LED headlights along with a slightly lower roofline which gave the overall body shape a more refined and sportier look. Other notable changes on the outside were larger alloy wheels and new rear brake lights.

Performance wise there were also improvements thanks to a weight reduction - due to increased the application of aluminium, a new turbocharged 3.0 litre V6 engine, and the standard eight-speed automatic transmission.

Drivers were impressed with the 335 horsepower which the base model E3 delivered, and it was noticeably quick for a large SUV - the 0-60 mph time is under 6 seconds. For those upgrading to the Cayenne Turbo, they would experience a 4.0 litre V8 that puts out 541 horsepower and this could do the 0-60 mph dash in under 4 seconds!

To help bring any of these high-performance SUV models to a safe standstill the Cayenne E3’s had the option to be equipped with the new Porsche Surface Coated Brakes which consist of a cast-iron disc with a special tungsten-carbide coating. Porsche says the coating increases friction whilst also reducing wear.

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Eurospares strive to have all Porsche Cayenne E3 parts available. We ship genuine and OEM parts daily to collectors, drivers, and workshops worldwide. A massive range of genuine parts are held in stock or can be ordered directly from the factory with short lead times and fast delivery.

We specialise in supplying and advising on all parts available. Our parts catalogue includes air suspension parts, cabin filters, fuel pumps, service parts and so much more! Select your Cayenne E3 model above to view the online parts diagrams to find the exact part you need. We also sell a wide range of official Porsche Tequipment for the Cayenne.

Genuine used parts come from our internal breaking workshop where our skilled technicians meticulously and lovingly dismantle prestige cars for spares. To see what supercars the team have been working on recently view our cars breaking page.

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We are all driven by passion at Eurospares and our team of experts is on hand to help you with any Porsche parts you need. We have been supplying customers with prestige parts since 1985 and have a wealth of information and knowledge to share. If you need any assistance finding your part or want some friendly advice please go to our contact page to get in touch and let us help you with the parts you need!

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