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The Porsche 996 GT3: Embracing Pure Performance

The Porsche 996 GT3 was introduced to the 911/996 range in 1999 and today it is a modern classic regarded by most as one of the best 911’s of its time. Intended for serious track use, it is an example of Porsche at its very best.

The GT3 was based on the standard 996 Carrera but was stripped of a great deal of equipment to assist with weight reduction. There were also several performance upgrades including a stiffer adjustable suspension, upgraded brakes, aerodynamic styling, a front splitter and the head-turning huge rear wing.

Under the bonnet, the water-cooled 3.6 litre engine was powerful, with 360 horsepower the car could manage 0-60 mph in just over 4 seconds with a top speed of 190 mph.

In fact, performance was one of the top priorities for the GT3 and the car was a homologation model, meaning it was built specifically for racing purposes, but also available for purchase by the general public.

Compared to the Porsche 911 GT2, which was also produced around the same time, the GT3 was less focused on outright speed and more focused on delivering a pure driving experience.

With its slick-shifting six-speed manual transmission, a more track-focused suspension setup and an aerodynamics package, the GT3 was more suitable for circuit driving than the GT2.

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Select your model to view the part catalogues and see the complete range of spares listed. We can help you with a 996 GT3 engine rebuild, a full 996 GT3 engine replacement or an upgraded Manthey performance kit.

From routine maintenance items including brake discs, filters, gaskets, spark plugs, and timings, to body repair parts, and exhaust components, we strive to have every replacement available at a highly competitive price.

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Our years of experience in handling and supplying Porsche parts combined with our established contacts in the part supply chain means we can advise you on any part enquiry you may have.

The online part catalogues contain the exploded part diagrams so you can pinpoint the exact component you need from intricate parts such as washers and seals to bonnets and bumpers. We also have race track performance parts available including the Manthey wheel sets, recovery lugs and tow straps.

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As Porsche owners ourselves, our enthusiasm for Porsche parts is unmatched, and key members of our expert team are dedicated to assisting you in locating the perfect parts for your needs. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out through our contact page, where our approachable and experienced team is ready to assist you with all your inquiries.

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