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Porsche 993: A Legacy of Performance and Innovation

The Porsche 993 went on sale in late 1993 as the successor to the 964 and featured the iconic 911 silhouette with an alluring revised flow and shape. The steel body shell was widened to accommodate a new multi-link suspension, and for the first time in 30 years the front bumpers were overhauled and the suave headlamps changed to a more elongated shape. The body style was transformed to a unibody style design, with smooth front and rear bumpers, a lowered stance and flared wheel arches.

During the years of production, the 993 was available in several variants: the Coupe / Cabriolet, Turbo, Turbo S, Carrera 4, Carrera 4S, Carrera S, and Carrera RS. The Carrera RS - Racing Sport - was not approved for export to the United States so nearly all models are left-hand drive and just over 1100 were made, making these quite rare classics in today's market. A Targa body style was introduced with the debut of the "greenhouse system" - a new design featuring a retractable glass roof.

The Porsche 993 Turbo, born in 1995, was one of the first cars in the world to have an ODBII diagnostics system and featured a brand new twin-turbocharged engine replacing the standard 3.6 litre, generating a maximum power of 402 hp.

Moving slightly away from the Carrera's bodywork design, the Turbo featured widened wheel arches, redesigned front and rear bumpers and a fixed "whale tail" rear spoiler which housed the intercoolers. The Turbo S was a higher-spec Turbo and included a power upgrade to 450 hp.

The 993 model year famously marked 50 years of innovation, (1948-1998), and was the last year of the revered air-cooled 911’s.

Handling experience on the 993 was noticeably enhanced through significant technical advancements; the 993 retained the 3.6 litre M64/01 engine from its predecessor, the 964, but it was redesignated as M64/05. It produced 272 hp at 6100 rpm with a top speed of 168 mph.

For the 993, Porsche changed to the acclaimed G50 transmission and much to drivers’ excitement they added a 6th gear. Also on offer was the excellent 4-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission and in 1996, a second-generation engine was standardised across the line-up; the M64/05 was replaced with the naturally aspirated M63/21.

Porsche 993 Spare Parts Specialist

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The 993 is a valuable sought after example of fine Porsche engineering. If you are maintaining one, or performing a restoration, it is important to install genuine high quality parts that ensures your powerhouse maintains its performance, elegance, and value.

We strive to have every part listed for sale and are dedicated to offering the complete selection of genuine Porsche 993 parts. Our range covers everything from the alternator and windscreen to brake pads, bumpers, dash components and wheels.

Select your model to view the detailed part diagrams and locate the exact part you need, or contact our team of Porsche part specialists and we will find the part for you. To view aftermarket Porsche 993 parts visit the Porsche 993 Tequipment section.

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At Eurospares, we make our adoration for Porsche no secret, and with our extensive on-hand stock of premium Porsche parts, we can ensure you keep your 993 in top shape. Contact us today for any enquiries you have regarding parts for your 993, and our team of passionate and highly trained experts will be more than happy to help you find what you need.

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