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a part diagram from the Porsche 959 (1987) parts catalogue
Porsche 959

959 (1987) Spare parts

959 (1987)

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Porsche 959

959 (1988) Spare parts

959 (1988)

The Porsche 959: A Technological Marvel and Supercar Icon

The Porsche 959 has gone down in history as a game-changer. Launched in 1986 the twin-turbocharged 2-door coupé was the world's fastest street-legal production car and featured many technological advancements.

The sequential twin-turbo, flat-six, 2.8 litre engine housed inside the 959 was based on the extremely successful 956 and 962 racing Porsche engines. Delivering 450 hp this head-turning phenomenon had a blistering 0-60 mph time of 3.7 seconds and could manage a top speed of just under 200 mph.

Designed to be a technological showcase for Porsche, demonstrating the latest in advanced engineering and cutting-edge technology, this highly desirable supercar did not disappoint and caught the attention of all motoring journalists and high-profile supercar buyers worldwide.

The car's body was constructed using lightweight materials such as aluminium and Kevlar, which helped keep the car’s overall weight low and improve its performance.

In addition, the 959 was built with an all-wheel-drive system and featured active aerodynamics, with an adjustable rear spoiler and underbody flaps that could be controlled to optimise downforce and reduce drag.

Only 292 Porsche 959s were produced, making it a rare and highly sought-after car among collectors. Its advanced technology and high-performance capabilities also made it a key influence on future generations of Porsche GT supercars.

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The Porsche 959 continues to be one of the most rarest examples of Porsche to date. If you are one of the lucky owners of this supercar classic please know that we strive to have all Porsche 959 parts for sale and we ship Porsche parts to customers and workshops worldwide on a daily basis.

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Our range includes parts for the Porsche 959 exhaust, Porsche 959 interior parts, components for the Porsche 959 transmission, a Porsche 959 steering wheel and Porsche 959 wheels and tyres.

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We handle Porsche parts of all shapes and sizes here at Eurospares. From exhausts and windscreens to body panels and interior switches. Our team of part experts have years of experience shipping valuable prestige parts all over the world.

Our global shipping capabilities ensure rapid delivery to numerous international destinations, often within just 24 hours. We offer next-day services on in-stock parts to locations including the UK, USA, France, Germany, and Italy. For customers in Australia, Japan, and the rest of the world, we're able to provide delivery in just 2 days.

Eurospares: Your Trusted Source for 959 Parts

At Eurospares, passion fuels our expertise. With a dedicated team of experts by your side since 1985, we're the trusted source for all your Porsche parts needs.

Whether you're searching for one specific component, need advice compiling a shopping list for a restoration project or simply seeking friendly advice please get in touch via our contact page. Our team is on hand and would love to hear from you, we have extensive part knowledge and a wealth of information to share.

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