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Porsche 928: A V8 Revolution That Continues to Turn Heads

The 928 was a luxurious grand tourer designed as a replacement for the fan favourite 911. It was the first V8-powered model produced by Porsche and production ran from 1978 to 1995. The 928 was a stylish and comfortable GT which continued to evolve during development and production with innovative features such as pop-up headlights, the “Weissach axle”, and front and rear spoilers. In fact, the 928 was voted the “Car of The Year” in 1978 as it was so inventive.

It offered powerful performance and handling, with a 0-60 mph time of just 6 seconds and a top speed of over 150 mph. The 928 rounded body shape certainly has a retro look about it now but at the time this was a new modern style highlighted by its large rear window and twin tailpipes.

As well as breaking the mould with its V8 engine, the 928 also had another new ground-breaking development which was the rear axle. This double wishbone suspension was unique due to its toe-in stabilizing effect which worked as a passive rear-wheel drive. Known as the “Weissach axle” this enhancement made a considerable contribution to the improved active safety of the 928.

The car was lightweight and handled well. Most of its body was made from aluminium instead of sheet steel. The Porsche qualified as a 2+2 as it had two small seats in the rear which could be folded down to enlarge the luggage storage area. However, the rear seats are small with little leg room so were only really suitable for children.

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Despite its success and popularity, the 928 was eventually discontinued due to declining sales and the need to focus on the company's other models, such as the 911 and Boxster. Many fine examples of 928 are on the market today, and so are some which need a bit of “TLC” - perhaps ideal for your next restoration project?!

Here at Eurospares we can advise on, and supply all the genuine and original parts you need, including the Tequipment range. We have a complete Porsche 928 engine for sale, plus replacement and service parts such as the Porsche 928 alternator, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator and spark plugs. No matter what part you need, large or small, we can get it to you quickly and at the best price!

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View the online parts catalogues to view the exploded schematics with manufacturer part numbers and part descriptions or browse the parts showcase to view a selection of in-stock 928 parts. If you need any assistance locating a specific part please get in touch with our team of part experts, several of which are Porsche enthusiasts and owners themselves.

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We are all driven by passion at Eurospares and since 1985 we've been the trusted source for discerning supercar enthusiasts, sharing unrivalled knowledge and ensuring every part fuels your driving dreams. From obscure hard-to-find components, car covers and cargo nets, to expert part advice, unleash the full potential of your 928 with the unwavering support of Eurospares.

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