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The Porsche 914 was a mid-engine sports car produced from 1969 to 1976 following on from the Porsche 912 and was positioned as a more affordable alternative to the high-performance Porsche 911.

The 914 had a choice of two engines, a flat-four engine or a flat-six engine. The two-door sports car was a joint development between Porsche and Volkswagen and became known as the "VW Porsche".

It was available with both manual and automatic transmissions and was praised for its handling, lightweight construction, and excellent balance.

The flat-four engines were known for their reliability and economy producing 80 horsepower, while the flat-six engines offered more performance, with a higher output of 110 horsepower.

The sporty 914 was known for its superior road handling, cheeky good looks, and pop-up headlights. Its interior was high quality, not too dissimilar to the 911 of the same era and provided the occupants with a racing car feel whilst being designed with driver comfort and convenience in mind.

Fitted with supportive and comfortable bucket seats, a sports steering wheel, and centrally located instrument clusters, the overall design of the 914 was to provide an enjoyable driving experience.

Despite its popularity, the 914 was eventually discontinued in 1976 due to declining sales, and today it is regarded as a classic Porsche model. The 914 has a loyal following, and many enthusiasts continue to restore and maintain the cars, participating in vintage car rallies and driving events.

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Porsche 914 parts of all kinds are available to buy at Eurospares, from gaskets and filters to switches and oil pumps. Our expansive warehouses are filled to the brim with rare, valuable, and sought-after spare parts for a wide variety of luxury, exotic & classic sports cars, including Porsche models from the fifties to the modern day.

If you are looking for Porsche 914 restoration parts, genuine interior parts, a Porsche 914 fuel pump or a Porsche 914 front bumper you are in the right place!

In addition to the new and aftermarket parts available we also specialise in used spare parts thanks to our in-house technicians who have dismantled many supercars over recent years. This enables us to provide a range of genuine, functional used parts at discount prices. Select your model above to view a Porsche 914 parts diagram to locate your part - or view our car breakers page to see photos and details of the latest cars we have had in our workshop.

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Luxury sports car parts are our passion and since 1985 we have been sourcing a wide range of parts and storing them securely in multiple vast warehouses, ready to send out to customers worldwide at a moment’s notice. Our extensive stock inventory is the largest in the world, so we are sure to have the item your Porsche needs. If you need any assistance locating your part or would like some friendly honest advise please visit our contact us page and get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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