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Sometimes referred to by its internal type number, the Porsche 930, but more famously known as the first-generation Porsche 911 Turbo, this car has become the flagship model of the Porsche model line-up.

Put into production between 1975 and 1977 producing 2,819 units, the 911 Turbo became a turbocharged version of the original Porsche 911, which quickly became popular amongst car enthusiasts.

Starting out with a 3.0 litre flat six engine with one big turbocharger that boasted 260 hp and a top speed of 155 mph, subsequent variants in 1978, rose to 300 hp with an improved 3.3 litre engine and also became available in coupe, convertible, targa and speedster body styles in the biggest change in the 930 production.

Exceeding expectations, the 911 Turbo was also luxurious featuring equipment such as air con, a stereo system, electric windows and leather seats. As for the exterior the 911 Turbo sported the iconic “whale tail” rear spoiler which cleverly had two intakes for the engine fan and the air con to aid the aerodynamics and create more downforce at the rear of the vehicle.

The impeccable design and turbocharge made this the best equipped 911 with exceptional performance - capable of rocketing the 911 Turbo to 100 mph in just 14 seconds.

Although the 911 Turbo was well equipped and fast it also came with risks and was very demanding to drive. It soon got the nickname “The Widowmaker” after its handling characteristics, which were prone to oversteer and turbo lag, caused several crashes.

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