The Porsche 356B/356C

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The 356B came along in 1959 as a 4 speed manual with a power output of around 75 hp. Three body styles were available, the coupe, roadster and cabriolet. The mechanical fuel pump was located on the flat-4 air-cooled engine and the 356B did not have factory-installed headrests as these were an optional accessory. Some models shown today have been retrofitted with aftermarket headrests as a mounting frame was provided as standard.

In 1964 the final revision to the 356 was released and this was of course called the 356C. Enhancements included disc brakes all around and an option for the most powerful pushrod engine which was capable of outputting 95 hp with a 0-60 mph time of around 11 seconds.

With its big headlights, chrome wheels, chrome body trims, sporty styling and sports car performance the 356 has proved to stand the test of time and is a true classic and desirable sports car. In 2004, a leading car magazine at the time, the Sports Car International included the 356 C in their list of top 12 sports cars of the 1960s, ranking it above the Ferrari 250 GT Lusso.

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