Ferrari Part
MPN: 12574211

Ferrari NYLOC NUT M6X1

for 206, 208, 246 and 17 others

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part diagram containing part number 12574211
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  • Genuine Ferrari Part
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Maserati Part

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Part number 12574211 features on some of the part catalogue diagrams of these model families: Ferrari 206, Ferrari 208, Ferrari 246, Ferrari 288, Ferrari 308, Ferrari 328, Ferrari 330 and 365, Ferrari 348, Ferrari 355, Ferrari 400, Ferrari 412, Ferrari 456, Ferrari 512, Ferrari F40, Ferrari F50, Ferrari Mondial, Ferrari Testarossa, Maserati 3200, Maserati 4200 and Maserati Quattroporte (1996-2001)

Currently available as: Genuine Ferrari Part New (to order), Genuine Maserati Part New (in stock)

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