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First introduced in 1963, the Quattroporte, (translated from Italian meaning “Four Doors”), became every successful Italian entrepreneur’s car in the 1960’s. The first generation (Series 1) Quattroporte was large, comfortable and reliable using a 4.1 litre V8 engine with a claimed top speed of 143 mph.

The Series 1 was later replaced in 1968 by a more powerful 4.7 litre unit (Series 2) with an increased top speed of 158 mph making it the fastest saloon of its time. Its design was inspired by the Maserati 5000 GT. It features the same four-round headlights but with a different front fascia and a smaller grille. At the rear, there is a dual exhaust system with pipes mounted under the rear chromed bumper.

Inside the car the interior featured leather upholstered seats, a dashboard covered in leather and a floor-mounted gear stick. Production of the Quattroporte first generation ended in 1969 and was succeeded by the Quattroporte second generation which was introduced in late 1974. It was very different to its predecessor and other Maserati’s before it because it was the first, and last, front-wheel drive Quattroporte.

The former V8 engine as fitted in the first generation Quattroporte was replaced with a less powerful V6 engine paired with a five-speed ZF manual gearbox. It featured a wedge-shaped body frame with flat panels, hydropneumatic suspension and four fixed square headlamps with two swivelling headlights.

All second-generation Quattroportes were built to order with only twelve being produced in its time in production from 1974 to 1978, due to the car not getting European approval.

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