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Maserati Bora

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Maserati Bora

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In keeping with other Maserati’s of its era, and named after the Adriatic wind, the Maserati Bora production began in 1971 and continued until 1978. It was the first production rear mid-engine street car for Maserati and the first Maserati to have four-wheel independent suspension.

Designed by Italian car designer Giorgetto Giugiaro - who was named in 1999 as “Designer of the Century” - the Bora’s stylish and unique body style included his signature fondness for exposed bare metal with a steel monocoque chassis and steel body.

Renowned for its striking looks and impressive ride quality, the Bora also provided a great driving experience and was very powerful. Its 4.7 litre V8 engine produced a healthy 310 bhp and pushed top speeds of 170 mph with a 0-60 mph time of around 6 seconds.

The interior was equipped with high quality padded leather, a luxurious dashboard which held the driver focused gauges and a 3 spoke steering wheel. Designed as a 2+2 coupe it also housed rear seats in the form of a bench seat which didn’t offer a lot of space and were only really suitable for kids!

After Citroen took a controlled interest in Maserati in 1968, the design and spec of the Bora included many Citroen attributes like the hydraulic system which operated the brakes, retractable headlights and the adjustment of the pedals and seats.

Only 564 Maserati Boras were produced making this a sought-after classic Maserati sports car which appeals to collectors and investors worldwide.

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To find new or used Maserati Bora spare parts select your model above to view the exploded part diagrams or start a search using the search bar at the top of this page. Here at Eurospares we are a market leader in supplying customers worldwide with all new and used genuine Maserati parts. For the Bora we have 1000's of parts available including components from the Maserati Bora engine, Maserati Bora interior, doors, lights and much more!

Used parts are made available as we have our own internal breaking workshop where we conscientiously dismantle and salvage around 30 prestige cars per year including many Maserati's. View our cars breaking page to see a list and photos of the sports cars we’ve recently dismantled for parts.

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Eurospares are driven by passion and our team of experts are on hand to help you with any Maserati parts you need. Inside our own warehouses is a huge inventory of new and used genuine Maserati spares and we are shipping worldwide daily. If you have any questions and would like to get in touch, then go to our contact page where our personable and knowledgeable staff members are on hand to help you find the Bora parts you require.

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