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Maserati 3500 GT: A Timeless Classic Blending Elegance and Performance

Launched in 1957, the 3500 Grand Tourer was Maserati’s first production project and around 2,000 of them were produced until the run ended in 1964.

It was a real departure from the cars that Maserati was famous for previously, primarily focusing on motorsport and seeing big wins including the 250F which placed first in the Formula 1 World Championship of Drivers, however, the risk paid off as the car became a big success. No surprise really, considering the car’s insanely good looks, reliability, and impressive performance figures.

Even today, the 3500 remains a desirable sports car as it's considered one of Maserati’s best creations. Since its debut, only the GranTurismo has ever come close to the level of praise it received and, sat side-by-side, the similarities are clear to see.

Known within Maserati as the “Tipo 101”, the 3500 benefitted from the highest quality components sourced from Europe’s top manufacturers, including brakes and suspension from England and the ignition from Italy.

The car was intended to be a strong reflection of the brand’s high-performance racing heritage and they designed the engine specifically for road use with fuel injection. The 3500 generated 230 bhp and had a top speed of 130 mph - this is very impressive for a late 1950s road car.

The ride is very comfortable, and it is this feature combined with its inspiring looks, which played a big part in why the car proved to be so popular. It was equally at home on a long journey or zipping around a racetrack.

In today’s market, the 3500 is a rare sight, if you are lucky enough to see one at a show take the time to appreciate such a classic GT and admire its formidable stance and refined classical interior.

Maserati 3500 Parts For Sale

For Maserati 3500 owners, owning this iconic masterpiece is more than just driving a car - it's a passion project, a love affair with Italian engineering and timeless design. But even the most cherished classics need TLC, and when it comes to finding the right parts, trust matters. At Eurospares, we understand that trust, because we share your passion.

As the market leader in Maserati parts, we've been helping owners keep their 3500s purring since 1985. With one of the world's largest inventories, we offer the complete range of genuine and OEM parts, from interior trims to front and rear suspension components. Whether it's a meticulous restoration or essential maintenance of your prized possession, we offer all you need to revive the timeless heritage and elegance of your Maserati 3500.

We are renowned for offering the most competitive prices, often being the market leader in affordability. Our commitment to quality and authenticity guarantees that every component meets the highest standards of performance and fit for your Maserati 3500.

In addition we specialise in providing customers with service part kits, handy when you are carrying out a specific job such as a replacement clutch installation, filter change etc. For more information please visit our service kits part page or contact one of our Maserati part experts.

Global Maserati 3500 Parts Supplier

Eurospares have warehouses filled with racks of neatly labelled Maserati spares and each is given its own unique code, making the whole process of purchasing and receiving the parts you need as fast and accurate as possible.

New parts are in stock or can be ordered for you from the factory. We offer next-day delivery to the UK, USA, France, Germany, and Italy, and expedited shipping to Australia, Japan, and the rest of the world. Every shipment is insured, ensuring peace of mind with every purchase.

In addition, we receive cars for breaking on a regular basis which have been written off and we carefully strip down the parts to supply them at a discounted price. If you’re interested in seeing the Maseratis we’ve had in to recycle and want to buy used Maserati parts please visit our cars breaking page.

Eurospares: Expert Support When You Need It

Owning a Maserati 3500 is a privilege, and keeping it in top condition shouldn't be a hassle. At Eurospares, we're more than just a parts supplier - we're partners in your passion.

Our comprehensive online parts catalogue and detailed diagrams ensure you find the exact part you need with ease. If you have any questions get in touch. We have a wealth of knowledge and thousands of parts on hand, this means we can answer any question quickly and confidently.

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