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a part diagram from the Lamborghini LM002 (1988) parts catalogue
Lamborghini LM002

LM002 (1988) Parts

lm002 (1988)

Global Lamborghini LM002 Spare Parts Supplier

The LM002, otherwise known as the "Rambo Lambo", was something unexpected from Lamborghini. While they're primarily known for their high-performance, hand-built supercars, the LM002 broke the mold as an off-road SUV.

Based on prototypes originally designed as military vehicles, the Cheetah and LM001, the LM002 was built with an entirely new chassis, with a V12 engine from the Lamborghini Countach placed at the front.

This science-fiction-mutant style powerhouse carries a 5.2 liter V12 that produces 444 bhp and a 0-60 mph acceleration speed of 7.7 seconds, giving it almost 300 more horsepower and double the speed of a 3.5 liter V8 Range Rover.

It is an utterly distinctive and bombastic design, outrageous in the most wonderful ways. Its giant, ventilated twin-caliper front disc brakes and 12x3 inch rear drums give this beastly vehicle an extraordinary ability to control its bulk.

All models were fitted with a full luxury package including full leather trims on the interior, tinted power windows, air conditioning and a premium stereo mounted in a roof console. Pirelli created custom Scorpion tires with run-flat tread designs, specifically to meet the LM's tire needs.

The LM002 was such an excitingly charismatic design, it was featured in films such as Toys (1992), Fast & Furious (2009) as well as the 1990 video game Stunts.

New and Used Lamborghini LM002 Parts Available

Not often do you get the chance to see one of these incredible unique Lamborghini SUVs, but here at Eurospares we are lucky enough to have worked closely with this model and stock the highest quality original parts; so if you're one of the few proud owners, please be assured we are always on hand to help you find the parts you need to keep yours turning heads on the road.

Our parts range includes the LM002 oil pump and filter, LM002 seats and floor mats, LM002 wheels and tires plus much more. View the LM002 online parts diagram to find your part or get in touch with us today and let us find the part for you!

A Passion for Parts since 1985

At Eurospares, we’re in the privileged position to offer the world’s highest quality Lamborghini parts. Our team of luxury supercar specialists are on hand to offer assistance and advice, and our wealth of knowledge means we can answer any question quickly and confidently. Classic, modern and rare prestige car parts have been our passion since 1985 and we only ever supply the highest quality products because we want what’s best for your Lamborghini. We understand that you want to keep your dream on the road for years to come and we love breathing new life into cars around the world, which is why we offer an unbeatable service and fast USA delivery.

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