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a part diagram from the Lamborghini Jalpa 3.5 (1984) parts catalogue
Lamborghini Jalpa

Jalpa 3.5 (1984) Spare parts

jalpa 3.5 (1984)

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Developed from the Lamborghini Silhouette was the Lamborghini Jalpa, another more affordable alternative to other models in the Lambo sports car range.

It was the successor to the drop-top Urraco and similar in concept with its open top, targa style roof and fighting-bull-inspired name. Designed by Bertone who also designed the flagship Countach, the Jalpa was an easy drive and proved more tractable in heavy traffic and at lower speeds.

The Jalpa presented important technical innovations including the first and final evolution of the 90-degree V8 engine, fully in aluminium and with four chain-controlled shafts. The V8 engine was a 3.5 litre double overhead camshaft version with a power of 255 hp, and could race from 0 to 60 mph in 6 seconds.

It was the last Lamborghini to use a V8 engine until the Urus in 2018, and most notably this model was the iconic motor to star in the 1985 Rocky IV, driven by Sylvester Stallone.

Aside from excellent performance, its elegance was also enticing, with a luxurious interior fitted with premium leather and carpeting. Much like the Countach, a spoiler was optional for those who wanted to add a bit of aggression to the styling.

New and Used Lamborghini Jalpa Parts Available

No matter how much time passes, the uniqueness of the Jalpa continues to turn heads, and at Eurospares we're lucky enough to stock genuine and premium parts for those that remain. To ensure you keep this treasured Lamborghini on the roads, we are always on hand to supply you with the parts you need.

View the online exploded Jalpa parts diagrams to find your part. Our range includes Lamborghini Jalpa brakes, Lamborghini Jalpa body panels, all components from the Jalpa water pump system and so much more.

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