lamborghini gt3 evo (2018) left side refuelling parts diagram


Lamborghini GT3 Evo (2018) LEFT SIDE REFUELLING Parts Diagram

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Available in a part kit
                              Part number
                              # 000
                              MPN: 0R1400740
                              LEFT HAND REFUELLING SYSTEM
                              # 001
                              MPN: 4SA201085C
                              FUEL TANK BST.3
                              # 002
                              MPN: V31613017E
                              PAN HEAD SCREW
                              M5 X 20 - V2A
                              # 003
                              MPN: V31608164
                              WASHER FK-AK-025
                              metal oettiker with internal rubber
                              # 004
                              MPN: 4SA201309
                              # 005
                              MPN: 4SA201811D
                              FUEL TANK VALVE LH
                              # 006
                              MPN: 4SA201779
                              STORAGE HOUSING
                              # 007
                              MPN: N90950201
                              HOSE CLAMP
                              # 008
                              MPN: N0245056
                              HOSE CLAMP
                              FLEX.A50-70 x 9
                              from £3.96
                              from £3.96
                              # 009
                              MPN: 4TA819133
                              FUEL BRACKET LH
                              # 010
                              MPN: V31670192B
                              120 X 2,5 FKM 80
                              # 011
                              MPN: V31670368B
                              120 X 2 FKM 80
                              # 012
                              MPN: V31611156
                              COUNTERSUNK HEAD SCREW
                              M5 X 12 - 8.8 DIN EN ISO 10642
                              # 013
                              MPN: 4SA201741C
                              VALVE UNIT
                              # 014
                              MPN: V31611040E
                              COUNTERSUNK HEAD SCREW
                              M6 X 20 - V2A
                              # 015
                              MPN: 4SA906261
                              Only for endurance race
                              # 016
                              MPN: V31612005E
                              SOCKET HEAD CAP
                              M3 X 6 - A2
                              # 017
                              MPN: 4SA201418
                              FUEL LINE
                              # 018
                              MPN: 4TA198475
                              SCREW PLUG
                              M10 X 1 X 8 - AL DIN 908
                              # 019
                              MPN: N0138063
                              SEALING RING
                              from £2.18
                              from £2.18
                              # 020
                              MPN: V03862223C
                              REFUEL BOTTLE 25L
                              # 021
                              MPN: 4SA201437
                              TUBE REFUELLING LH
                              # 022
                              MPN: 4SA201627
                              TUBE REFUELLING RH
                              # 023
                              MPN: 4SA201403P
                              FUEL TANK COVER LH
                              # 024
                              MPN: 4TA201925
                              TANK PLATE ASSEMBLY LH
                              # 025
                              MPN: V03862223D
                              REFUEL BOTTLE SUPPORT FRAME
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