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Successor to the Lamborghini 350 GT, the Lamborghini 400 GT was introduced in 1966 and there were only 23 models made.

Production began with the 4 litre 12-cylinder engine that was used in its predecessor, and the bodywork was restyled to create more room.

The bodywork, designed by Carrozzeria Touring, was handsomely classic in its design and the interior was luxurious with leather upholstery and a gorgeous wood-rimmed steering wheel.

This Lamborghini is rare to say the least, with only 23 models having been made. 20 of these were bodied in steel, and 3 were bodied in Superleggera, (Italian for Superlight).

The suspension of this model was an all-independent system with unequal A-arms, coil springs, telescopic tube shock absorbers with tubular wishbones and anti-roll bars. The brakes consisted of all-wheel Girling disc brakes, hydraulically operated via a dual circuit system with servo assistance.

The V12 front-mounted engine produced a max power of 320 hp at 6500 rpm and fed power to the 72 spoke Borrani wheels, which featured Perelli Cintuato Belted tyres - and this Lamborghini featured a water-cooling system with a radiator and two electric fans.

New and Used Lamborghini 400 GT Parts Available

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We have a wide array of genuine parts available for the 400 GT including brake discs and calipers, 400 GT interior parts, and 400 GT dashboard instruments. View the Lamborghini 400 GT exploded parts diagrams to find your new part. Eurospares have new original parts in stock, or we can order the parts at highly competitive prices with short lead times and fast global delivery.

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A Passion for Parts since 1985

At Eurospares, we’re in the privileged position to offer the world’s highest quality Lamborghini parts. Our team of luxury supercar specialists are on hand to offer assistance and advice, and our wealth of knowledge means we can answer any question quickly and confidently. Please contact us with your enquiries.

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