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As a replacement and updated version for the 400i, the four-seater coupe Ferrari 412 was introduced with a series of improvements in April 1985. The 412 shares the same body, chassis and engine as the Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 and 400 which evolved over time. The new and improved 412 production ran between 1985 and 1989 with both manual or automatic transmissions available.

The 412 improvements saw an upgraded 4.9 litre fuel injected V12 engine and as a first for Ferrari, a Bosch ABS system. The bigger engine increased power for the 412 going up to 335 hp - giving it a top speed of 155 mph. Like its predecessors, it was fitted with a 5-speed manual or had an option for a 3-speed automatic. Pininfarina made subtle tweaks to modernize the 412 model with modified alloy wheel design, clear indicator lenses and black windscreen and window surrounds. The exterior saw new plastic, body-coloured bumpers, a larger rectangular door mirror and a revised rear quarter panel which gave a less pronounced slope to the tail. The body was slightly altered to raise the rear deck to give more luggage space which also helped improve the cars aerodynamics along with a deeper front spoiler. It was also fitted with what was then the latest metric-sized flat faced wheels and Michelin TRX rubber on the star pattern alloys.

Interesting fact - a black 1987 Ferrari 412 featured in Daft Punk’s 2007 independent film Electroma. This was later auctioned for charity for Japan disaster relief for almost $42,000.

New and Used Ferrari 412 Parts Available

The Ferrari 412 certainly was a stylish grand tourer of its time with several on the market today available for thorough restoration. Here at Eurospares we are on hand to supply you with all the genuine parts you need to keep your Ferrari 412 on the road and in the elegant condition it deserves. We have a Ferrari 412 engine for sale, parts for the suspension and so much more! We have a huge range of new Ferrari parts in stock or can order in from the factory.

Many of our used parts for sale come from our internal specialist breaking service. There's a real art to breaking cars, and the process allows us to get up close and personal with every supercar that enters the Eurospares workshop. Visit our cars breaking page to see photos of the Ferrari 412's we've broken down for parts. Stripping a used yet functional part allows us to appreciate the artistry within each part's form and function, increases our vast knowledge of the parts, and makes them available to you at a reduced price.

A Passion for Parts since 1985

Eurospares are driven by passion and our team of experts are on hand to help you with any Ferrari parts you need. Unlike other websites we own a huge inventory of new and used genuine Ferrari spares and ship worldwide daily. If you have any questions and would like to get in touch, then go to our contact us page where our personable and knowledgeable staff members are on hand to help you find the F412 parts you require.

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