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The Ferrari 360 was first launched with the 360 Modena, which was aptly named after the famous town in Italy, the home of Ferrari and the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari himself.

The Ferrari 360 was manufactured from 1999 until 2005, succeeding the Ferrari 355 and marked by Ferrari as a "clean-sheet design". The F360 carried the Ferrari brand into the new millennium with an all-new Pininfarina design that transitioned from the classic box-shaped aesthetic seen on previous Ferrari models, favouring something more curvaceous.

It was fitted with a naturally aspirated 3.6-litre V8 engine that screamed to 8,500rpm, reaching a top speed of over 180mph. Chris Harris reported that the F360 press car was "ludicrously quick" and sounded more like a racing car than a streetcar. It would accelerate from 0 to 60mph in 4.5 seconds (which was surpassed by the F360 Challenge Stradale, reaching 0 to 60mph in 3.8 seconds) and certainly impressed the future 'new-money buyers' that the 2000s would bring.

The Ferrari 360 captured the hearts of many supercar and Ferrari enthusiasts, described as being easy to drive, whilst retaining the theatre of a thoroughbred Ferrari.

Did you know that the F360 was the first production Ferrari to be constructed entirely in aluminium? Everything from the 360's monocoque chassis to its suspension wishbones were made with lightweight materials making it 40% stiffer than the outgoing Ferrari 355.

There have been several variants of the Ferrari 360, from the Spider, which outsold the standard Modena, to the infamous track-focused 360 Challenge Stradale and the race-specific 360 Challenge, 360 GT and 360 GTC. There was also a one-off Barchetta model, which was gifted to Luca Cordero di Montezemolo (former president of Ferrari) on his wedding day by Gianni Agnelli, the boss of Fiat.

With the launch of the 360 challenge in 2000, the level of competitiveness of the Ferrari Challenge series took a huge step forward with the F360 GT. The Ferrari 360 GT is a race version of the 360 Modena, developed by Ferrari Spa in collaboration with Michelotto Automobili, to compete in the FIA N-GT class in the early to mid – 2000's. The F360 GT raced around the world, competing at the famous Le Mans 24 Hours, Daytona 24 Hours and 12 Hours of Sebring.

The F360 GTC was a development of the GT taking advantage of technological advancements; Ferrari installed a sequential six-speed gearbox and a further improved electronics package. The GTC's rear wing had noticeable improvements in vertical downforce, which kept the car planted and improved handling.

The GT and GTC's success saw the birth of the roadworthy 'Super Series' Ferrari within the F360 range we know as the Challenge Stradale. The F360 Challenge Stradale's developments focused on improving the cars track performance by concentrating on the handling, braking and weight reduction. The engineers at Ferrari approached the design with a 20% track and 80% road-focused ratio. The driving experience between the F360 Modena and the F360 Challenge Stradale was elevated through various elements of the car, from the throttle response, ceramic brakes borrowed from the Ferrari Enzo to the steering feedback making for a much more engaging and exciting drive.

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The Ferrari 360 marked a new stage in the brand's evolution, laying the blueprints for its mid-engine successors like the Ferrari F430 and 458. There's still a strong demand for 360s because of their excellent value for money and impressive performance, so now may be the time to pick one up for the right price and remember that we're on hand to supply you with the parts that will keep your Ferrari 360 on the road, continuing to thrill you're driving senses.

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