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a part diagram from the Ferrari 328 (1985) parts catalogue
Ferrari 328

328 (1985) Spare parts

328 (1985)

a part diagram from the Ferrari 328 (1988) parts catalogue
Ferrari 328

328 (1988) Spare parts

328 (1988)

The Ferrari 328: Performance and Perfection

Still considered by some enthusiasts as one of the most reliable and functional Ferraris, the 328 was introduced in 1985 alongside the Mondial 3.2 series. The 328 was a revised and updated version of the 308 and was the final evolution of the mid-mounted conventionally aspirated 90-degree V8 Dino engine, which is a popular way to save space in the rear layout.

The Ferrari 328 engine had a new 3.2 litre version of the V8 from its predecessor, the 308 Quattrovalvole model, which produced an output of 85 bhp per litre. Design was also improved, with an addition of moulded bumpers and an unobtrusive roof spoiler.

It is considered the best built and most reliable Ferrari of its time with its solid construction of a steel body welded to an oval tube frame and simple Bosch fuel injection. A redesigned nose which is more rounded in shape softened the wedge design and both the front and rear sections featured body colour bumpers.

The 328 model features a radiator grille and front light assembly that closely resembles those found on the Mondial 3.2 model. Across the entire eight-cylinder range, there's a consistency in design, particularly in the front and rear sections, which creates a unified and recognisable family look.

The 328 was available in GTB (Gran Turismo Berlinetta, solid roof) and GTS (Gran Turismo Spider, targa top) body styles. Production lasted 4 years starting in 1985 and only had one important evolution during this period in 1988.

A new front suspension was redesigned for the 328 using near identical parts of that on the Mondial, and because of this, the wheel design had to be reconfigured to accommodate this new feature.

The original flat spoke “star” wheels became a convex design and ABS brakes were made available as an option. In 1986, a 2.0 litre, turbocharged and intercooled variant of the 328 was introduced which was specifically developed for the domestic Italian market.

Additional optional extras were available on the 328 with options for air conditioning, metallic paint, Pirelli P7 tyres, a leather dashboard, leather headlining plus rear window surround and a rear aerofoil, which was standard for Japanese standard models.

Genuine Parts for Your Classic Ferrari 328

The iconic 328 certainly looks like a classic 1980s poster exotic with many referring to it as one of the most “Ferrari” looking classics of all time. To keep your classic Prancing Horse in perfect condition we can supply you with any genuine parts you need at highly competitive prices.

It was in 1985 when Eurospares was founded, making regular trips to the Ferrari factories sourcing genuine parts for Ferrari owners and dealers in the UK. Since then we have grown to become one of the largest Ferrari parts suppliers worldwide and have earnt a reputation for having one of the biggest selection of Ferrari parts in stock.

To find the exact part you need, select your model to view the Ferrari 328 parts catalogues and exploded part diagrams. We strive to ensure we have every spare part available for the 328 including air filters, brake calipers, interior parts, fuel filters, gasket sets, service kits, water pumps and more.

Superior Ferrari 328 Parts Supplier

Eurospares are a market leader when it comes to the supply and delivery of genuine and OEM Ferrari 328 parts. New parts are in stock or can be ordered direct from the factory with short lead times. In addition to brand new parts, we also specialise in used Ferrari 328 parts thanks to our in-house professionals who are capable of carefully dismantling written off prestige cars and salvaging their functional parts for sale at reduced prices.

Any part can be shipped worldwide not matter how large or small. From spark plugs and wheel caps, to complete bodyshells and rear wings, our pick, pack and despatch department will carefully and professionally package your order and ensure it gets to you quickly and safely.

For our valued customers in the UK, USA, France, Germany, and Italy, we provide a next-day delivery option for in-stock parts. This becomes two days for customers in Australia, Japan and other countries worldwide.

Eurospares: Passion in Parts, Precision in Support

Our extensive inventory of parts, coupled with our team of dedicated Ferrari part specialists, positions us as the premier choice for all discerning 328 owners worldwide. Should you require expert assistance, our knowledgeable team is readily available through our contact page, eager to help you find the perfect parts for your restoration or maintenance needs.

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