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Launched in 1984 and having only 272 built; the Ferrari 288 GTO is an extremely rare and legendary supercar, one of only a few to wear the GTO badge. It's common knowledge that GT means 'Gran Turismo' however few know that the O denotes 'Omologata' (which means homologated in Italian) and is the type of approval process a vehicle is required to go through for certification to race in a given league or series.

It's rumoured that at the time, Enzo himself thought the current line-up of road cars were becoming too refined and wanted to produce a car that was more in line with his racing passions. This is where the idea for the 288 was spawned and the concept for the Ferrari 288 GTO was to have an aggressive presence and to be much more functional than cosmetic. That being said, customers still had a certain expectation of luxury so when it was released it came with a suede wrapped dashboard, carpeting, leather seats and optional extras such as air conditioning, power windows and a cassette stereo.

Although taking it's DNA from the Ferrari 308 GTB, the 288 GTO had a whole lot more to offer on the surface and under the shell. Surprisingly, the engine was actually de-bored by 1mm and the displacement went from 2,927cc in the 308 to 2,855cc for the 288. This gave the engine better stability and the capability of handling the addition of twin turbochargers which helped produce the equivalent engine capacity of 3,997 cc. To allow space to fit both turbos and intercoolers the engine was mounded longitudinally and to help reduce weight, the majority of the bodywork was comprised of fiberglass and composite materials. So much so that the longer and wider 288 GTO weighed in at 1,159 kg, 240kg lighter than the lightest version of the steel bodied 308 GTB.

The racing enhancements didn’t stop there. The need for more grip on the road gave the Ferrari 288 GTO a wider and more flared silhouette along with a larger and deeper front spoiler which housed four unique square driving lights each side of the front grille. The newly designed flared body adjusted the proportions to accommodate wider wheels at the front and back which were secured to the splined hubs with a single nut like that of racing cars.

As a subtle nod to the 288's (GTO) predecessor; the infamous 250 GTO, the 288 featured an integrated kicked up rear spoiler and iconic ventilation slashes were added behind each rear wheel arch. Just like on the 250 GTO the rear ventilation slashes are reminiscent of the gills on a shark and help remind us that just like the shark, the 288 GTO is a predator in its own right! The flared arches and wider wheels allowed the fitment of high performance Goodyear NCT tyres to help the car handle the ferocious engine and maximise the grip to the road.

At the time, The Ferrari 288 GTO was the most powerful and fastest road car Ferrari had ever built with top speeds of 189 mph and to this day is one of the most important in Ferrari’s history. It's extremely rare and paved the way for some of the most legendary Ferrari’s ever made like the F40, F50, Enzo and La Ferrari. Enzo Ferrari himself personally gifted the last of the 272 units produced to his favourite Formula 1 drivers: Niki Lauda, Keke Rosberg and Michele Alboreto and in 2004, the 288 GTO was named number two on the list of Top Sports Cars of the 1980’s by Sports Car International closely behind the Porsche 959.

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Eurospares ship new and used Ferrari parts daily to collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. The Ferrari 288 GTO is indeed a rare car, however be assured that if you are in need of a part from the Ferrari 288 GTO rear or some original Ferrari 288 GTO wheels you are in the right place! We specialise in supplying and advising on all parts available. View our online 288 GTO part diagrams and interactive catalogue pages to find the parts you need.

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Here at Eurospares we love the Ferrari 288 GTO and having been established since the production of the 288, we've gained a great knowledge of this wonderful supercar. We have a passion for the 288 and we have a passion for parts so please don’t hesitate to contact us for all your Ferrari 288 GTO parts needs.

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