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The 275 is a classic Ferrari 2 seater sports car from the 1960’s and is a very sort-after, and high-value, model in today’s market. As the successor of the spectacular 250 the 275 was set free on the roads with two variants available, the 275 GTB and the 275 GTS. Production ran between 1964 and 1966 and like all Ferrari’s it was an exclusive car with only 455 units built. The car got its name from the size of the engine's per-cylinder displacement 275 and the Italian designation of Gran Turismo Berlinetta and Gran Turismo Spyder.

With timeless looks, a comfortable interior and high performance - the 0-60 mph was under 7 seconds and its top speed was 160 mph - the Ferrari 275 was a true Grand Tourer and is considered one of the finest sports cars of its time.

The 275 was designed and built by Pininfarina and Scaglietti and there ended up being two generations available as in 1966 the bodywork was lowered and lengthened which produced a noticeable visual difference and offered some enhancements to both performance and practicality. The first gen became known as the “short nose” and the second gen was referred to as the “long nose”. The long nose second generation models benefited from this body style change as aerodynamics were improved and the fuel filler, fuel tanks and spare tire were relocated which provided more luggage space.

The racing model, “Ferrari 275 Competizione Speciale”, was introduced to take over from the 250 GTO and only four of these were made with all four being hand-built slightly different from one another. This 275 was a high-performance, lightweight V12 and one of the four cars made it to the top 10 list of the most expensive Ferrari's ever sold.

New and Used Ferrari 275 Parts Available

Eurospares are a market leader when it comes to the supply and delivery of new and used genuine Ferrari parts. We know that the Ferrari 275 combined vintage stunning looks with impressive dynamics and you may own one as an investment or to take to owners' clubs and car shows. To keep it in prestige condition we can supply you with whatever part you need including a Ferrari 275 oil filter, air filter, water pump, clutch and so much more! If you are undertaking a Ferrari 275 restoration and need specific parts for your project, including a Borrani Wheel set or other 275 body-style parts please get in touch with us or view the Ferrari 275 online part diagrams to find what you are looking for.  

Genuine used Ferrari parts are available thanks to our in-house professionals who are capable of carefully dismantling written-off prestige cars and salvaging their functional parts for sale at reduced prices. To view the Ferrari’s we have had in for breaking previously please visit our car breakers page.

A Passion for Parts since 1985

Here at Eurospares we love the Ferrari 275 and having been established since the mid-1980's we've gained a great knowledge of all Ferrari parts. Whether it is rare and hard to find components or Ferrari service parts for your beloved classic, please know that we have a passion for Ferrari and we have a passion for parts so don’t hesitate to contact us for all your Ferrari spare part needs.

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