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a part diagram from the Ferrari 250 GT (Coachwork) parts catalogue
Ferrari 250

250 GT (Coachwork) Spare parts

250 gt (coachwork)

a part diagram from the Ferrari 250 GTE (1957) parts catalogue
Ferrari 250

250 GTE (1957) Spare parts

250 gte (1957)

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The Ferrari 250 production journey began in 1952 when the 250 S Prototype was raced in the Mille Miglia and thanks to its combination of a V12 3.0 litre engine, nimble and lightweight chassis, professional drivers - Giovanni Bracco and Alfonso Rolfo, the car went on to win the race and this helped fuel the drive to manufacturer and release the 250 Europa and 250 MM the following year in 1953. The 250 MM was actually named in recognition of the winning performance at the Mille Miglia the previous year.

In 1954 Ferrari produced the 250 GT Coupe and the 250 Monza with the 250 Monza being powered by the same engine found in the 250 MM. This racing model was further enhanced by moving its gearbox to the rear which improved weight distribution. The car was victorious during its debut at the Hyeres 12-Hour race of 1954 and only 4 of these 250 Monza were built. The 250 GT Coupe went on to become a legend thanks to its gorgeous looks and sports car performance which appealed to private buyers.

Over the years that followed several other variants of the 250 were born, most notably the 250 California and the 250 GTO. The 250 California has gone down in history as one of the most beautiful cars which Ferrari has ever produced. Made by Scaglietti in 1957 the open-top convertible design was made to capture the hearts, and wallets, of the USA West Coast market and it was a success - the 250 California soon became a top seller in and around Bel Air and Beverly Hills! The fact that this car was so captivating and rare - only 106 were made - added to its desirability and its now current substantial resale value.

The 250 GTO is often referred to as the ultimate Ferrari. Just 39 were built and 4 of these are listed in the top 5 most expensive Ferrari’s ever sold! The name GTO is Grand Turismo Omologato and the car was designed to dominate on the track and on the road. If you were lucky enough to be able to buy one you had to be approved by Enzo Ferrari himself. The car had everything to become a success; performance on the track winning titles, performance on the road - its V12 engine outputting 300 hp and shooting to 60 mph in under 3 seconds, and striking good looks with a dominant presence. To this day the GTO is now arguably the most valuable collector car in the world and is listed as number one on Motor Trend Classics' “Greatest Ferraris of All Time”.

New and Used Ferrari 250 Parts Available

Eurospares ship new and used Ferrari parts daily to collectors, drivers and workshops worldwide. Genuine new parts are held in stock or ordered in from the factory with short lead times. We specialise in supplying and advising on all parts available. We have Ferrari 250 gear control components, parts from a 250 crankcase plus elements for the Ferrari 250 carburettor and filter. View our online part diagrams and interactive catalogue pages to find the parts you need. Whether it's an air filter, distributor cap, ignition lead set or anything else, we have it all available and can supply you quickly.

Genuine used parts come from our internal breaking workshop where our skilled technicians meticulously and lovingly dismantle prestige cars for spares. To see what Ferrari's the team have had in recently please view our cars breaking page.

A Passion for Parts since 1985

Eurospares are driven by passion and our team of experts is on hand to help you with any Ferrari 250 parts you need. Unlike other websites, we own a huge inventory of new and used genuine Ferrari spares and ship worldwide daily. If you have any questions and would like to get in touch, then go to our contact us page where our personable and knowledgeable staff members are on hand to help you find the parts you require.

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