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a part diagram from the Ferrari 246 Dino (1975) parts catalogue
Ferrari 246

246 Dino (1975) Spare parts

246 dino (1975)

a part diagram from the Ferrari 246 GT Series 1 parts catalogue
Ferrari 246

246 GT Series 1 Spare parts

246 gt series 1

246 Dino: More Power, More Speed, More Fun

Succeeding the 206 Dino GT in 1969, the Ferrari 246 Dino was designed with 206 owners in mind who wanted more power from their Ferrari. So, needless to say, Ferrari delivered and designed the 246 with a bumped-up engine going from a 2.0 litre capacity to a 2.4 litre and it hummed beautifully.

Along with an increase in engine size came an increase in power and the 246 could produce 192 horsepower and hit top speeds of 146 mph. Again, like the 206 Dino, the 246 used the same V6 engine and was advertised and stamped as a Dino in memory of Enzo Ferrari’s son.

In its 6 years of production, the 246 Dino sold 3569 vehicles and with its heavier Fiat cast iron V6 engine, it was the first mass-produced engine ever used in a Ferrari. Although the styling was nearly identical to the original 206 Dino, to save money, the 246 Dino had steel bodywork and an aluminium front lid instead of an alloy body found on the previous 206.

At the time, the 5-speed manual gearbox fitted to the 246 Dino was one of the most durable and reliable systems in a GT car, and as a result, it enabled drivers to effortlessly cruise along like a grand tourer as intended, or, the driver could push the engine to its limits within seconds!

In 1972, the 246 GTS model was introduced with a black-finished removable Targa roof panel. The design and performance were much of the same as the standard GT - with both models having the Berlinetta body but the Targa top offered owners a unique rear design.

New and Used Ferrari 246 Parts Available

Eurospares is a market leader when it comes to the supply and delivery of new and used genuine Ferrari parts. We know that the Ferrari 246 combined vintage stunning looks with impressive dynamics and you may own one as an investment or as a Sunday drive. To keep it in prestige condition we can supply you with whatever Ferrari Dino 246 parts you need, including a Ferrari Dino steering wheel, parts from a Ferrari Dino 246 engine or a Ferrari Dino badge.

Used parts are available thanks to our in-house professionals who are capable of carefully dismantling written-off prestige cars and salvaging their functional parts for sale at reduced prices. To view the 246s we have had in for breaking previously please visit our car breakers page.

A Passion for Parts since 1985

Here at Eurospares we love the Ferrari 246 and have been supplying customers worldwide with all their Ferrari parts since 1985. You are in good hands when dealing with us, we have a passion for the 246 and we have a passion for parts so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for all your prestige part needs. Visit our contact us page to get in touch.

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