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a part diagram from the Ferrari 206 GT Dino (1969) parts catalogue
Ferrari 206

206 GT Dino (1969) Spare parts

206 gt dino (1969)

a part diagram from the Ferrari 206 GT Dino (Coachwork) parts catalogue
Ferrari 206

206 GT Dino (Coachwork) Spare parts

206 gt dino (coachwork)

Dino 206: A Tribute to Enzo Ferrari's Son

The Ferrari Dino 206 was initially not considered a “real” Ferrari by fans until they got the chance to experience it up close and personal. Its driving capabilities soon made it regarded as one of the best-handling cars of its day. In the Ferrari sales brochure, it was advertised as “Tiny, brilliant, safe… almost a Ferrari”, and originally, because of its Dino name there were no Ferrari emblems displayed anywhere on the car!

The name originated after Ferrari built an alliance with Fiat to manufacture the engines. Dino pays homage to Enzo Ferrari’s son; Dino Ferrari, who sadly passed away at the young age of 24. Enzo named the car Dino in memory of his son’s work on a V6 engine project before his untimely passing.

As Ferrari’s first mid-engine production car, the all-aluminium 2.0 litre V6 engine was transversely mounted with a 5-speed transmission assembly just below, fitted with three, twin choke Weber 40 DBN F/1 carburettors, and featured an all-new electronic ignition. Its impeccable driving qualities helped produce close to 180 horsepower giving the Dino a top speed of 146 mph. It was also the first Ferrari to have direct rack and pinion steering.

The Dino 206’s ground-breaking design, was praised for its full aluminium body with independent suspension, and all-round brake discs. The tail panel displaying a pair of circular lights on each side is also featured on the 365 GTB4 Daytona - which was presented at the same time.

New and Used Ferrari 206 Parts Available

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